Chain Lakes Spiritualist Camp



This years (2010) Chain Lakes Lyceum Retreat was wonderful.

We were greeted with street signs that read  COWBOY LANE, as we drove into the road that is lined with pine trees bowing their heads in welcome. The minute we started driving up the lane a feeling of calm and excitement came over us. Children and adults alike ran to greet their family and friends with a hug and so much excitement!

Every Church service was started with the youths holding the flag and the congregation Pledging the Allegiance to the Flag and the C. Fannie Allen Flag Salute. And declaring the Simplified Declaration of Principals.

Sunday morning July 18th was registration with the best sweet rolls I have had in along time followed by Church Service with Rebecca Strauss as speaker and Wendall Weichner as the spirit greeting instrument. After Church service came Camp cleanup, getting things all spruced up for the busy week ahead. The day was busy with families arriving all day and evening.

Daily classes for all ages were available with Kayla Tatroe Rollin teaching ages 0-5 Melissa Strauss Schroeder 5-10 year olds, Becky Potter the teens 13-19 and Rebecca Strauss the adults. The classes are following Church service.

Monday July 19th we were greeted with the sunshine beaming on us as we walked to the Church at 10:00 am for the Lyceum Church service. As Sue Tatroe called out the names of the registered guest they stood and gave a memory gem, what a delight this was with young and old participating. The children conducted the service with special poems and being instruments for God and Spirit with Healing. Followed by the Peace song and circle at the end of this beautiful service.   Dawn Hyatt Lyceum conductor sat with the youth in the beginners sitting class at 1:30 pm. After the Youths class you could hear the giggles as the children played in the park on the swings, and in the sandboxes. Monday evening at 7:00 pm there was a BUNKO party all tables were filled with all ages eager to roll the dice and win a prize. After Bunko we had an ice cream social, which everyone enjoyed.

Tuesday July 20th started out with new people registering, roll call, memory gems and another Lyceum service. The afternoon outing was a trip to Lake Huron for swimming and fun in the sun. Dinner was a hotdog roast at the Hyatt's with everyone bringing a dish to pass. This was followed by a fireside chat that was very interesting and informative and everyone participated. Later in the evening Wendall got a nice bonfire started for all to enjoy Samore's and more conversations.

Wednesday July 21, at 10:00am our day was started with another Lyceum service conducted by our youth. After Church service the children all broke for lunch and then joined together for crafts lead by Tracy Wilson and Melissa Adams making their cowboy and cowgirl vest from paper sacks decorating them with markers, crayons and showing their indivual personalities. They also colored these special bandana's that Tracy had bought.

Wednesday evening at 7:00pm Zach Wilson conducted the Church Service. Olivia Schroeder reading the Sunflower Poem, Collette Marshall starting the Declaration of Principals, Kennedy Vineau a reading, Omarrian Grey invocation and Taylor Tatroe the Benediction. The Love offering was collected by Sami Wilson and Kenny Whitte. If I have forgotten anybody please email me and I can add them, I sure would not do it purposely. Wendall Weichner held an adult sitting at 8 pm.

Thursday July 22, Lyceum service at 10:00am, followed by 1:00pm workshop on Aura's by Jinki Boyer, 3pm brought the children in to finish up their crafts. 7pm there was a advance sitting for the young adults.

Friday morning brought out the ROCKERS for the Rock-a-thon starting at 9am the first group started. 9:30am was the Lyceum service followed by a western breakfast of Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs some plain and some with cheese, a huge pan of an western omelet, link sausage and toast sponsored by Flower Memorial Spiritualist Church, Leslie Michigan. With a Retreat meeting following the brunch. Later in the afternoon a hay ride was a great treat around the lake pulled by an antique tractor driven by Wendall in his cowboy hat and jeans. The children and the older children singing all the way bringing smiles to those we passed. 6:30pm brought the BIG party/dinner with many coming in western wear. Chili and corn bread was served with brownies for desert. Line dancing was taught to anyone that wanted to learn and then the dance was performed for everyone's enjoyment. Everyone got together and had a bon fire down in the camp grounds and roasted samore's with a lot of jokes and good laughs with the "stories" being shared.

Saturday morning was so sad with everyone packing up their vehicles and saying good bye with tears in the eyes of young and old alike. Promising to see each other at Convention and next year at the Chain Lakes Retreat for the Christmas in July theme.
If you were not able to join us this year and would like to make it next year mark your calendars for  July 17-22, if you can't make it all week even just a few days you will get in the excitement.  



Member: National Spiritualist Association of Churches

Chain Lakes Spiritualist Camp 2010